Kurmai Laddo

Kurmai (Official Engagement between the two families) often takes place either a few weeks leading up to the Anand Kaaraj ceremony or it is carried out just moments before the Anand Kaaraj itself. In this ceremony, the Bride’s family bring dry fruits and bigger than normal Ladoo for shagan to be given to the groom.

Surmadani Kohl

The sister in-laws of the groom put Surma (kohl) in his eyes, by applying the black khol it is thought to keep away the evil eye away, this is just before he leaves home to get married.

Doodh Pilayi Glass

Once the Bride and groom are welcomed into the house they are set down together and the bride is given a glass of milk, which she drinks half and gives the other half to the groom to drink this represents sharing everything with each other.

Paani Gadbhi Hire

The groom’s mother welcomes the bride with the Paani Vaarna ceremony, (milk and water mixed) the mother of the groom has to take it around the groom and bride seven times each time she brings it round she touches it to her forehead and takes a sip the groom tries to stop her from taking a sip.

Kirpan available for Hire

The groom carries a Kirpan on his wedding day, this represents his responsibility to protect his wife and family from harm in his new role as head of the household available in Gold or Silver.

Kalgi Hire

Wearing a Kalgi (a Plume) on the grooms Turban signifies that a groom is a royal person, with great responsibility and respect, it is removed at diwaan hall at the gurdwara sahib by the groom’s sisters.

Kalire Hire

Kalire are either silver or gold embellished, umbrella-shaped ornament’s that is attached to the bride’s Chooda or Kara, A Punjabi bride’s wedding attire is incomplete without the resplendent Kalire. It is an important accessory for all Punjabi bride’s.

Dupata/chuni for mayian

Red Dupatta is held above the boy/girl by four people by the corners while Batna (Haldi) is applied.


Peeri (stool) will be placed beside a design, this is where the boy or girl will sit must face east with feet on the Fatri.


Fatri is used for Mayian the boy/girls feet are placed on this when they sit down, few copper coins are placed underneath it the Fatri. (a rectangular piece of wood)